Family Emergency

We have plenty of items to list in time for holiday shopping. Due to an unexpected family emergency, we will be away from the computer for a few days.
I will have limited access to my email and the internet. Please be patient with us at this time.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
Life is simple….eat, sleep, handmade

Inspiration and Social Media



IMG_3163Today’s blog post is about total inspiration and I how I found it by accident.

One day, while browsing the internet, I came across a woman talking about makeup.  I figured I’d listen, as I was actually trying to find a new foundation to work with my skin. When that video was over, I went to Instagram to check out her insta posts.  I was reading a few of her posts and thought, “Wow….what she says is so real!”  Not only did she talk about makeup, but she spoke about how her life has grown into what it is today. This girl is the real deal!

I contacted her regarding the foundation that I wanted to try.  She got right back to me, and before you know it, I was the proud owner of a wonderful foundation that I absolutely love.  I also met someone that should consider herself a life coach!

The makeup is part of it, but this is really about social media and finding inspiration with someone’s words.  This came at a time in my life where I was struggling with the idea of reopening my shop (It was on hiatus for a bit) and doing what I love to do.  This also came at a time that the oldest Bow was heading off to college, the middle Bow was going into his second year of high school, and the youngest Bow was heading into 2nd grade.  I just felt overwhelmed.  I am one of the people who think social media can be a great thing, especially for meeting people, keeping family and friends from afar caught up on our lives, and for promotions of products.  It is also a great thing to “meet” someone on social media that has totally transformed my view of thinking and looking at certain things.  Her words have made me take that “go for it” attitude and give it all I got!  Yes, it is ok to fail….and if you do, get right back up again and keep trying.

Point is…..if you’re totally against social media, give it a try.  You’ll never know who you will meet. 🙂

If you get the chance, head on over to visit her at  Her name is Jocelyn and not only will you get great ideas regarding makeup, you’ll get great inspiration for life and what we may face on the daily.

Life is simple…eat, sleep, handmade!

~The Gingham Bow

photo credit: @haizelcreations

bracelet: The Gingham Bow-

photo used by permission from Jocelyn


We have decided to stay!

Hi all.  I planned on closing this site, but I have decided to keep it open, as well as my new one.

I decided to keep both of them open, because I get views from people loyal to WordPress and people who have gone to the other site.

I will post on both sites.  The other site is

Life is Simple….eat, sleep, handmade

~The Gingham Bow

Paper Flowers

I’m a knitter, crocheter, and I sew.  If I’m making something “girly”, I like to embellish it. Usually, I make a flower to go with it and attach it to the finished piece.  To me, it makes the item look “complete”, all while dressing it up a bit.

I’m planning on making some paper flowers as well.  Same concept as the fabric/yarn ones, just want to use paper to make them, frame them, and use them as wall decorations.

While on the internet the other evening, I came across a post from Victoria over at  Her tutorial explains how to make the roses. I’ll admit I’m better at fabric and yarn crafting rather than paper crafting, but this tutorial makes it look easy to do, along with making a simple, yet fabulous flower.

If you are interested in paper roses, this is the tutorial to look at.  The link is:

Life is simple:  eat, sleep, handmade

~The Gingham Bow


Getting Ideas

There are a few blogs that I subscribe to and read.  I like to get ideas, inspiration, and learn hints and tips I may otherwise not know.  I have several that I like.  I like the DIY ones, simple living, and cooking ones.

One blog that I’ve been following for quite some time is Oakhill Homestead.  The owner of the blog is Kathi and she pens oodles in information!

I subscribe to her blog, so of course I get alerted whenever she writes a new post.  One post in particular that grabbed my attention was her post on “Five Food You Should Make At Home.”  The link to this wonderful post is here:

In this post, she describes how by making these 5 items, you will not only save money, (win-win) but be healthier in the process.  (Double win-win!!)  I know I try and do both.  I enjoy making things from scratch.  Not only do I save the money, but I feel better that I’m feeding my family foods that aren’t laced with preservatives and chemicals.  One day, take the time to read some of the ingredient labels…oh boy!  There are ingredients I can’t even pronounce, let alone know what they are even for!

Kathi has graciously allowed me to mention her blog on mine.  I strongly urge you to read it, follow it, and try some of her ideas and recipes.  HINT– try the pancakes from scratch…fluffy and yummy!!!

Her blog is:  Once you get reading it, you’ll find yourself checking out her other posts.

Life is simple:  eat, sleep, handmade

~The Gingham Bow




Valentine’s Day and Barrettes

Valentine’s Day is next week.  To many, it means love, hearts, and everything pink and red.  It also means helping Little Miss write her Valentine’s Day cards for the kids in her class.  It also means dressing her up that day in something red, looking all cute and girly. I’m also going to do her hair with something flowery.  I’m thinking a fabric rosette barrette is in order for that day.


These are something I thoroughly enjoy making.  I also have a few for sale in my etsy shop. The ones above will be listed soon.

I make mine a bit differently, but here is a great tutorial:

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Life is simple: eat, sleep, handmade

~The Gingham Bow