The Love of Natural Products: Part 1

I like things natural.  I like things that I don’t have to spend a lot of money on, but still get the job done…..correctly.

This brings me to wool dryer balls.  They are natural, good to my dryer, and aren’t all that expensive to make.  They are better for your dryer than commercial dryer sheets and they are reusable cycle after cycle.  They are also known as  (“Natural Fabric Softener”)

Natural:  they are these cute little balls that are made from wool.

Safe for my dryer:  they don’t leave a residue on fabrics, and they don’t leave a residue on the walls of the dryer.

Frugal:  They are not that expensive to purchase (On a lot of etsy shops) and they are even cheaper to make yourself.  You can reuse these bad boys cycle after cycle.

All of the above mentioned make it a total win-win for me!  They also seem to cut the drying time of the cycle, as the wool absorbs the moisture in the fabrics that are being dried.  I love going as natural as possible.    I don’t like using products that are full of chemicals and the residue those commercial sheets leave on fabrics is disgusting.

They are super easy to make, also.  If you have some wool, (not a wool blend, a pure wool) an old pair of pantyhose, and some hot water and a dryer…you are good to go!

I have linked an article written by Dolly from The Hibiscus House.  She wrote a wonderful post about these little balls of magic.

She has other great articles on her page as well.

Life is simple:  eat, sleep, handmade

~The Gingham Bow


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