The Love of Natural Products: Part 2





Welcome back to the “Part 2” of this topic!  This is fun for me to talk about because I not only use them, I make them!

Enter: “Natural Dryer Sheets”.  These beauties can be made from any fabric you like and any scent you like.   I like simple, vintage looking fabrics along with the smell of lavender.

These little guys look like a little closed pouch, and are filled with scented material.  They are yet another alternative to chemical ridden commercial sheets.  We already know the result of using the commercial sheets, so these are the better option, in my opinion. Another win-win as they not only save money, but they work with the heat of the dryer to make your laundry smell so good!

Simply toss your laundry into the dryer, toss in 2 of these “sheets”, start the dryer and when the cycle is complete, enjoy the great smell that is being emitted from your clothing.

I not only use them, but I also sell these in my Etsy shop.  (

If you use these, let me know how you like them!

Life is simple:  eat, sleep, handmade

~The Gingham Bow


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