Giveaway time!

It’s time that I do a giveaway!  The contest will run from 01 May 2017 until 05 May 2017 and the winner will be chosen 06 May 2017.

Requirements:  You must be signed up on BOTH places to be entered.  (Please let us know your Instagram name and your email address.  Signups WILL be verified)

Example:  theginghambow AND

  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Sign up to receive new blog posts from our blog

You can follow us on Instagram under: theginghambow

You can sign up to receive our blog posts from the email signup on the side bar of this blog.

Using the random name picker tool, your name will be entered into the computer and a random name will be chosen.  You will be notified via email if you are chosen.

The prize will be:

Yoyo burgundy barrette


I am also going to send this along with a custom made barrette in your choice of a blue, pink, light green, or lavender shabby chic fabric.

Good luck!

Life is simple:  eat, sleep, handmade

~The Gingham Bow


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