Quote for the week

I received a TON of interest with my “quote” post.  I received likes and private messages regarding the first one I did.  I have decided to do a weekly post with this subject.

I enjoy reading some quotes that actually make me think about what the actual message is or what I interpret it to be.  Sometimes it is that quote that I remember reading or hearing that makes me say, “I really needed to hear that today.”

I saw this quote, by J.R. Rowling, and it did just that.

“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”

This is very true.  I was always taught that everyone should be treated the same.  You treat the janitor the same way that you would treat the CEO of a major company.  Never judge anyone by the amount of money that they make, the job that they have, or how big their home is.  I always decide how a person is based on their heart, kindness, and character.  Being nice and kind costs nothing.  It is not the material things that we have in life that determine how we are as a human being.  It is usually the ones that don’t have the most money to spend on material items or the ones that are the busiest that give the most of their time.

old lady giving an apple

I’m not sure who to credit with this photo, but this to me, it shows kindness beyond belief; in my mind anyway.  She looks as if she is definitely NOT a millionaire, but just a kind soul, giving what she has, and sharing her food.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Life is simple:  eat, sleep, handmade

~The Gingham Bow




The good ole iron

First off, I apologize for not posting since the middle of March.  Between nasty colds and being preoccupied with school things for the kids and other day to day things happening, I haven’t had much time to sit and write, let alone much of anything else getting done.

Onto my post:

Today I was ironing.  Yes, I still do that.  In fact, I quite enjoy the task of ironing.  Seeing things wrinkled or not pressed to perfection, then taking this hot thing and moving it across the fabric and seeing instant smoothness and pressed lines, makes me very happy.

old iron image(This is not me nor is it my iron…which I’m sure no one thought it was,  but it is just a pretty darned cool pic)

Back to the reason why I’m mentioning the ironing part.  I was standing there, ironing away, and the thought came to me!  Talk about ironing!  Well, not ironing because that can be pretty boring, but ironing water!  (Hey, you take your moments of inspiration from wherever they may come from!)

I use ironing water to scent the things I am ironing.  Ironing water is that lovely stuff that scents things as you iron and makes the items smell nice and fresh.  However, there are a couple of issues I have.  Most commercial ironing water is not only not cheap, but it is full of chemicals.  Yuck!  I’m not a chemical kinda girl.  I try and avoid those as much as I can and I’m not going to pay for a bottle full of chemicals that are bad for you.  Solution: Make your own!!!!  The internet is loaded with “recipes” for this, but I will share mine.  It is so easy, you’ll want an EXCUSE to start ironing.  (Maybe not, but I’m trying to inspire some people if need be).

You’ll need:

essential oil of your choice  (be careful of certain oils, ie., orange, as it can possibly stain clothing)

glass spray bottle  (plastic breaks down over time due to the essential oils, but if you’re planning on dumping the remaining water, I’m sure you can use it)

water (preferably distilled or filtered)

Fill your spray bottle with water.  Add approx. 10-15 drops essential oil of choice and shake.  Shake before using and spray on the item to be ironed.  I do section by section of the part I am ironing of the time.

Happy ironing!

Life is simple:  eat, sleep, handmade

~The Gingham Bow

Thought for Today

I was online earlier and I saw a quote that someone had attached to their signature.  “Do not educate your children to be rich.  Educate them to be happy. So when they grow up, they will know the value of things, not the price.”  I have no idea who first said this, but it makes wonderful sense to me.

I’m trying so hard to raise my children to be decent people.  Who isn’t though, right?  This quote really hit home today for some reason.  It stood out to me.  It stood out to me so much, that I printed it and put it up on my fridge.  It will serve as a reminder to anyone who opens the fridge that it isn’t about how much money you make, who has what as far as material things, who has the most expensive “toys”,  this comes down to what kind of a human being you are.  How you are as a person.  You don’t need material things in life to be happy.  Value what you have.  Value happiness.  Value love.  Value the important things in life.  Having a lot of money or the most expensive items does not make one person better than the other.


I’m thinking about doing a post a week about quotes that I find interesting.  Let me know what you think.  Comment or email me!

Life is simple:  eat, sleep, handmade

~The Gingham Bow